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CEO of Weliston Ventures, Alfred Audu To Manage FKB MUSIC Own By B-Young

Mr Alfred Audu Gbaja the CEO of Weliston Ventures is a professional accountant and an enterprenure that deals with fashion and fashion warehouses, he is also into the importation of technological Equipment and a bit of Entertainment.
Mr. Alfred Audu Gbaja
Mr. Audi Gbaja has finally accepted to manage FKB MUSIC that is own by B-YOUNG the small boy with celebrity linkup.
In a close door meeting with mr Alfred Audu Gbaja in his office at Wuse 2 Abuja, Alfred reveals that he had been watching the brand FKB MUSIC and its activities for some years now and will like to comment them for their good work even without them having any Supposed or support from anybody but they are still keep it strong.
He said the events been done by the brand like the “The Face Of Akwanga” and also “The Most Beautiful Girl In Nasarawa” who always have a massive turn out and support from the people of the state and communities.

He said over the years the brand has done so well in putting together great events that sold out the brand and the name, B-YOUNG in Nasarawa state.
So am in to give out 100% Support to this great youth with Passion for Entertainment.
Mr Alfred Audu Gbaja has accepted to manage the brand and also be a Patron in other to assist them grow to another Level.
Mr Alfred Audu Gbaja Commented B-YOUNG & his team for believing in their selfs and keeping it real till now, he however promised to support them financially and otherwise.

Watch out for FKB MUSIC Rebranding.


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