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We all know that B.O.C Madaki and Classiq are the best Hausa rappers in Nigeria. Whilst B.O.C is the King of Hardcore Hausa rap, Classiq on the other hand is the King of Commercial Hausa rap. But is there any secret beef between them? For example, have you ever wondered why these two great rappers have never worked together on a song?

Yes, B.O.C has never featured Classiq on a song before, and Classiq has never featured B.O.C either. Yet, these guys are the kings of Hausa Hip-Hop. And apart from that, they are from the same state. Yes, they are both from Bauchi State. But why haven't they collaborated together? Is there any secret beef and feud going on between them that they don't want the fans to know? Read below as BestXplorer explore...

The only time that B.O.C and Classiq were heard on the same song was when Deezell featured all the top Hausa rappers on his song "Ba Ruwan Mu", which was produced by Dj Steev. But did you know that Deezell was actually compelled to include Classiq on that song? The truth of the matter is that Classiq wasn't ideally on the song, maybe it's because B.O.C was already on the song. The original version of the song only featured B.O.C, Dj Ab, Kheengz and Morell (produced by Dj Steev). But when the date of the song release came, Deezell didn't release it again because fans kept complaining and disturbing him why Classiq wasn't on the song. So he had to delay the release date so as to include Classiq on the song. And that probably explains why Classiq took the last verse, because he wasn't really on the original song.

So what really happened that Deezell didn't feature Classiq on the first version that was never released? Was it because B.O.C was already on the track? We all know that Deezell has the resources to feature any Nigerian artiste he likes; in fact, he already has a track with Classiq. He featured Classiq and Dj Ab on "Girma". So we can't say that the reason why Classiq wasn't ideally on the track was because Deezell didn't have access to him, no. And neither can we say that Deezell wasn't having money to bring him on, no! There's something more to it.

It might also interest you to know that B.O.C and Classiq don't perform at the same shows. No, we've never seen nor heard that B.O.C and Classiq are guest artistes at the same show. If Classiq is performing in Kaduna today, B.O.C won't be there. And if B.O.C will be performing in Jos tomorrow, Classiq won't be anywhere near that place.

Another reason why we, at BestXplorer believe that Classiq and B.O.C are having a secret feud is the fact that they don't share each other's songs nor even chat publicly. For instance, if DJ Ab releases a new song today, Classiq will share the song either on Twitter or Instagram to his fans, and B.O.C will also share the song to his fans as well. But if B.O.C releases a new song today, Classiq would not share the song. Other rappers like DJ Ab, Morell and Deezell will share that particular B.O.C's song, but Classiq won't share it. Same with Classiq; if he releases a new song today, DJ Ab will share it, Kheengz will share it but B.O.C won't share it. So why is it so?

We have more than a thousand reasons to convince you that B.O.C and Classiq are having a secret feud. But let me just give you one more reason and then we'll leave it like that. Why is it that B.O.C doesn't wish Classiq happy birthday whenever he is celebrating his birthday? And why is it that Classiq doesn't wish B.O.C happy birthday either whenever he is celebrating as well? Other Hausa rappers would wish them happy birthday but the two of them don't wish each other.

So with all these occurrences, don't you think that there's a secret beef going on between Classiq and B.O.C?

This picture showed them together two (2) years ago when things seems to be working out between them but it looks like things are not longer the same presently.

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