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The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is undergoing Institutional
Reform and currently engaged in the implementation of a series of critical and strategic
To this effect, ECOWAS Commission and its sister institutions (Parliament, Court of Justice,
GIABA, and WAHO) are in the process of recruiting qualified and capable nationals from its
fifteen member-states to fill vacant positions available in the new Organogram.
Therefore, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the official website of the ECOWAS
Please note that the vacant positions are progressively uploaded on the ECOWAS website
and are open to ECOWAS citizens below the age of 50 years.
This announcement is available in French, English and Portuguese.

AYL Introduces "War Against Drug Abuse" Social Media Campaign. (Read Full Details)

Africa Young Leaders (AYL) War Against Drug Abuse is a social media campaign that is meant to showcase and educate the youths on the dangers associated with inappropriate usage of drugs.

It has become a common phenomenon for youths, both males and females, to be taking drugs, thinking they are eliminating their stress and worries. However, this habit they have adopted is very harmful to their health - mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, educationally, financially and otherwise.

Africa Young Leaders (AYL) would embark on a one week campaign from 19th June in order to fight this dreaded habit. Everyday during this campaign week, we shall be posting news and stories that would educate the youths not to be taking drugs. These stories and posts would be followed with the hashtag #WarAgainstDrugAbuse.

The AYL social media campaign week would end on 26th June, which is generally known, regarded and celebrated worldwide as the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.




Happy Birthday To A Wonder Woman, Queen Funom Elizabeth (Bella) — Bestxplorer Celebrate You

 To a virtue wonder woman; a noble woman of honor, moral and eminent.
She's of course smart and intelligent, we celebrate you today Queen Funom Elizabeth
May your wishes be acceptable and granted by our good God.
May this day continue to bring forth blessings, success, peace, long life and good health to you.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart 



FRIENDSHIP: Guys buys car for their friend because they are tired of picking him up. — Watch Video

A video currently making the rounds online captured the quite awing moment some men came together to purchase a car for their friend because they are tired of picking him up.
The lucky friend who couldn’t contain his emotions, was quite ecstatic as his friend surprised him with the expensive gift.

The lady who shared the video on Twitter wrote:
These guys bought their friend a car cause they are tired of picking him up such brotherhood God bless this friendship.
Watch video below,
These guys bought their friend a car cause they are tired of picking him up😂😂❤️ such brotherhood ❤️❤️❤️God bless this friendship 💞🙏
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Is Olymp Trade a Scam or Not: A Real Review

                                             a Scam or Not
There has been continued speculation as to whether or not Olymp Trade is a scam. As an options trading platform that is registered outside of the best known regulatory branches, it is an easy question to have. This article will answer your burning questions around whether or not Olymp Trade is a scam.
What is Olymp Trade?
Olymp Trade is a trading platform that allows traders to set options for currency pairs, commodities, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies. This means the platform allows traders to open a position predicting the price will go up or down. This is also known as binary options trading because a trader is typically only able to choose up or down. On Olymp Trades platform traders can also push, meaning they believe the price will remain the same.
Trade durations can be set in one-minute increments up to twenty-four-hours. Traders are able to see the percentage profit they will make for each trade before they place it. This allows them to pick the pairs that they best understand and will be most profitable. Upon choosing that the price will go up, down, or remain the same for a currency pair, index, or stock the money is taken from the trader’s account to cover the trade. Once a successful trade is completed the money is immediately credited to a traders account.
Unlike some other options trading platforms Olymp Trade does not take a percentage of trades, deposits, or withdrawals.
How is Olymp Trade not a Scam?
There is risk inherent within all trades; those executed on Olymp Trade’s platform are no exception. Olymp Trade is a member of International Financial Commission. This membership effectively insures traders on the platform, providing them protection from fraudulent activities on the part of the broker. To become a member, the Commission investigated Olymp Trade’s practices to determine it was not a scam. The International Financial Commission acts as a third party intermediary between the trader and Olymp Trade if a trader feels they have been cheated or scammed by the platform. If Olymp Trade scammed its traders each trader would be eligible to receive up to 20,000 Euro from the International Financial Commission.
Beyond Olymp Trade’s membership as mentioned before they do not have a typical pay structure. Unlike some platforms, Olymp Trade does not take a percentage of traders’ earnings, whether at the moment of the trade or upon withdrawal, charge transaction fees, or scam traders with hidden fees. With the exception of a small fee for keeping a position open overnight. Many people use this as their justification in their belief that Olymp Trade is a scam. Though there are few fees, Olymp Trade has a better way to turn a profit.
To better illustrate why Olymp Trade does not need to charge fees while not being a scam: two traders are placing opposing options on the platform; Charlie believes the price will go up and Rajesh believes the price will go down; they both open a $100 position for five minutes with the potential of earning 80%. At the end of the five-minutes, Rajesh is correct and $180 is added to his account. The $100 dollars Charlie lost is used to cover the $80 Rajesh earned, and the remaining $20 is collected by Olymp Trade. This is how Olymp Trade is able to charge few fees while not being a scam.
The money that is collected from opposing positions is used to create a reserve to handle any trades that do not have an opposite. Trading is risky; therefore most traders are not going to be correct with every option they choose. When a trader is not correct their deposit covers the earnings of someone whose strategy won out. There are maximum wager limits to ensure that all gains can be covered.
Olymp Trade is not a scam because it holds a reserve of money to pay out to winning bids if there is no opposing trade. This reserve grows with every wrong choice and since there are not 100% options: meaning you bid $100 and are correct you would receive $200, the reserve will hold.
What Else Should I Know?
Traders can receive VIP status with qualifying deposits, granting them access to live advisors who respond in 15 seconds or less on average, higher earning potential, and risk-free trades. VIPs also receive access to exclusive webinars and trading strategies.
Payouts are quickly made directly to the bank account or e-wallet traders use to deposit money. Withdrawing funds is simple and are generally completed within 3 business days. There is a minimum withdrawal limit, but no maximum. With a scam, traders would not receive their money or be charged exorbitant fees drastically reducing their payout.
The user interface was made to be intuitive, easy to use, and understand. Olymp Trade provides educational materials on trend indicators and different strategies. A chat box helps deliver information about the many different topics. There are a continuously increasing number of videos and webinars on a range of topics. New ones come out often to keep traders up to date with the latest trends and platform changes.
To complement their educational material Olymp trade provides a free demo trading platform. New traders are able to set up accounts without making a deposit to the platform. Traders have a safe space to try and learn new strategies in a live market setting without risking their own money.
There is also an Analytics section. Technical analysis gives traders an opportunity to take an in-depth look at individual assets and pairs traded on the platform. The Economic calendar shows relevant events for the coming week. There is also a convenient section on Volatility as affected by trading times and what that means for the trader. Trading signals assist traders in making educated decisions based on compiled data.
In conclusion, Olymp Trade is not a scam. Trading is a complex world. Olymp Trade is a fantastic trading platform to learn on, perfect for anyone looking to experiment with binary options, even if only to practice strategies. Though as a platform Olymp Trade does not adhere to usual fee structures and money-making practices, it is not a scam but an innovator in the realm of options trading.



A Concern For A New Nigeria - By Augustine Beguwa | Listen

A Concern For A New Nigeria was written and recorded by Mr. Augustine Beguwa where he reveals his love and concern for a better Nigeria, he make us know that Nigeria can never be great if we keep deceiving the masses here while our major investment and activities are all in another man's country.
Click and listen to his message below...

Download the message here




Some Successful Tips For Young Coming Up Bloggers - By Bestxplorer

The world today and the World Wide Web (www) is recording hundreds and thousands of registered blogs daily as new bloggers are emerging rapidly. 
Amongst these bloggers around us and away are different categories set of people such as: 

1. The passionate and determined young bloggers 
2. The young bloggers just for fun 
3. The bloggers after income but don't want to be creative or spend for/On their bloggers. 

As a young bloggers, below are some little tips you need to do and to avoid in other to be a successful blogger 

It'll be pretty difficult for your #Blog to be successful if you as a #Blogger can not;
- Brainstorm ideas 
- Be a contents writer 
- Employ someone to write for you if you can not do it yourself.
- Write articles and don't just copy and paste all the time.
- Work and pay on your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Google to rank your blog high. 
-Don't full your blog with copied contents all the time simply because you want to keep it updated.


Meet Kgomotso Christopher, the woman behind MTN’s customer care voice

Meet Kgomotso Christopher

Y’all be wondering who is behind the MTN customer care voice, well worry no more as we uncover the person behind it.
Pretty South African actress identified as Kgomotso Christopher, has been uncovered and linked to the famous MTN customer care voice.
Kgomotso Christopher who was spotted in a video recording the popular “you have insufficient funds please recharge“ among other services offered by MTN, is said to be an educated actress who graduated from Columbia University in New York, USA.
While many network subscribers had unconsciously linked the voice to a white woman, Kgomotso Christopher who took to her twitter account to confirm the revelation revealed she’s been in the business for over six years.
She wrote;
Yep. I am glad you remember what I’ve always said. Remember I said for long voicework was my main income stream because I had no fulltime acting work…in fact it was this consistent MTN work I was referring to.I am sure some of them are. They still use the recordings made with the previous voice artist before I started doing the prompts in 2012The recordings are called (ivr) internal voice recording. So the established style/tone of the recording voice.i have done the voice for a while. But there were other artists who may be white who also did and those recording are still also used. Also, when I am not available, they use a similar voice, so the MTN phone voice stays consistent.
More photos below;

Meet Kgomotso Christopher

Meet Kgomotso Christopher



NNU Income Program Review!!! Legit or Scam!!! - Find Out

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Help! Is this how they clean presidential rug carpet?

What happens to the billions budgeted for the maintenance of the villa.
A picture has been trending online and it shows a man using a broom to dust and clean a Red Carpet (Rug).
In this 21st century where we have machines, mows etc that can do this effortlessly.

In a Presidential Residence, Is This Acceptable?

What happens to the billions budgeted for the maintenance of the villa.



[BIOGRAPHY] Paul Praise Aminu Audu's Biography

PAUL AMINU AUDU hail from Olambaoro local government area of Kogi Sate, a citizen of Nigeria. He was born and brought up in Odolu local Government of Kogi State.

He was born 4th September, 1997, to the family of twenty five (25), nine (9) from his mother Mr/Mrs Usman Audu. Paul Aminu Audu by the grace of God  is now a fully converted Christian.
He attended LGEA Primary School, Ochbitako Odolu Local Government, later proceed to Community Secondary School, Akpanya in Odolu Local Government area of Kogi State in the year 2014.
He is a very simple person, love being honest, believe in reality and also a God fearing person.


Paul Praise is An artist (A Gospel Singer), he also run some businesses to aid his career. He loves playing keyboard, piano, and go out for concert and different programme to help him acquire more skills in singing and playing of instrument.
Presently he reside in Makurdi, Benue state capital where he started his career. He is also the founder of battle of life and destiny world wide on Facebook as a page.
He is popular known as Paul Praise which is a follow up to his stage name as a singer.

He worship at Cross of covenant Ministry, located at 5th Avenue Ter-Guma Street, North Bank, Makurdi.
Also the assistance music director at Cross of Covenant ministry and he always look up to Frank Edward and Eben as a mentor .    
Check Out More Of Paul Praise' Photos below;