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Apple has unveiled its iPhone 11 range of handsets.
This feature has more cameras than before and a processor that has been updated to be faster while consuming less power.
The iPhone 11 is slightly cheaper than its XR forerunner in the UK. The price range between £729 and £879 depending on the amount of storage.
But the Pro models are more expensive than the XS ones, costing between £1,049 and £1,499. They go on sale in 10 days time.



GSM termination (aka. Call termination) a faster means of getting money || Find out

GSM termination (aka. Call termination) – is a merge of Internet networks and mobile networks. Simply put, Internet network is called VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) and mobile network is called GSM.

But how to merge Internet networks and mobile networks?

There is a special equipment for Call Termination which is called VoIP gateway. Different types of networks are connected by means of this VoIP gateways. And it is an affordable purchase for any person. Exactly this device assists in joining very profitable GSM Termination business.

So how does mobile network function?

When we want to call somebody, we dial the number. Then our voice traffic is sent to mobile operator, which, in its turn, uses transit operator with the best route to deliver this call to final subscriber, and pays certain amount of money to transit operator for the delivery of call. A mobile operator is physically restricted to deliver a call between continents or countries because of: geography, political situation, technological and commercial causes. That is why several transit operators are involved in call delivery while these networks are involved in the transfer of the call. With the help of these networks transit operators cooperate with each other. Therefore, via gateways transit operators help the operators with different types of networks and with their subscribers connect with each other. That is why transit operators do not have their own subscribers, they provide telephony services to other operators that have their own subscribers.
Call termination path
Standard flow of the call from subscriber A to subscriber B

What does the transit operator do next?

Transit operator is buying route from GSM terminators (usual people who have VoIP gateways).
GSM terminators are a category of operators, who are our customers in purchasing ANTRAX equipment and Flames Group SIA partners for providing of voice trafficGSM terminators are providers of direct alternative routes for transit operators such as our company.
  • GSM terminators have no subscriber base.
  • GSM terminators cooperate with small transit operators.
  • Voice traffic (calls) from transit operators passes through the GSM terminator equipment.
It is advantageous for national operators to cooperate with transit operators, which have many routes and a lot of capacity. Transit operators cooperate with operators with their subscriber base and with other transit operators. Transit operators realize that the cheaper they buy the route for the transit of voice traffic, the more money they will earn.Therefore, transit operators are looking for alternative routes and cooperating with small transit operators (Flames Group is just a small transit operator). Small transit operators in turn aggregate (collect) GSM terminators.
Transit operators
As this is the business based on profit from international voice traffic. Difference between local call cost and international call cost will be a profit.

What is VoIP/GSM gateway?

This is a device that carries the voice traffic from the Internet network to the mobile operator’s network. This is a unique solution for high-quality termination of voice traffic, which helps significantly reduce the cost of international calls, equating them to the cost of local calls.

This Software and Hardware Complex consists of two different parts:

First important part is GSM gateway. What does it do? In fact, it is just a box which contains GSM modules which sends signals from the Internet. It consists of up to 4 or 8 GSM channels. That is 4 or 8 simultaneous calls.
GSM gateway
ANTRAX gateways support all band of GSM frequencies, GPRS and IMEI change.
And second required part of this complex is a SIM Box – the place where the SIM cards are stored. SIM Box allows you to install and manage any amount of SIM cards of different mobile operators that enables work of several GSM gateways placed in different locations. Available configurations: 60 sims and 120 sims.
SIM box
Several SIM Boxes can be consolidated in one system that provides with a possibility to use unlimited number of sims in your system.

But how to use it and how you can get route?

There is a mobile operator by means of which you call. Your call goes to your mobile operator. Then the call goes to the transit operator A through another transit operator B. And through another transit operator C and gets to the mobile operator which subscriber you are dialing.
For example, you pay 20 cents for a call. Your mobile operator pays a transit operator A – 15 cents. Then the transit operator A sells the call to another transit operator B for 12 cents. Therefore, the transit operator B sells the call to another transit operator C for 8 cents. So, the difference between these amounts is the margin. That is, the mobile operator’s profit is 5 cents. The profit of the transit operator A is 3 cents, the transit operator B – 4 cents and so on. The margin is your profit.
Hundreds of thousands of calls are made every day by means of this method. And you understand that each of these mobile and transit operators receives a huge income.
GSM termination consultation

How can we get into this financial flow with the help of a VoIP/GSM gateway?

The call goes to the mobile operator. Further through all the transit operators. And it does not come to the mobile operator of the country where the call is being delivered, but goes to your VoIP/GSM gateway. And your gateway redirects the call to the person dialed by the subscriber.
Example of standard call flow
Standard call flow
Example of call flow through ANTRAX owner equipment
Call termination financial flow
And you get money for delivering a call instead of a local mobile operator. It should be noted that your profit depends on the quality of your route and on the capacity of your route

What is the quality of the route?

There are such indicators as:
  • ACD (average cell duration). If your average call duration is 3-4 minutes this is a very good indicator.
  • ASR (Answer Seizure ratio). If this ratio is equal to 30-50% this is considered as a good indicator.
  • Capacity is the number of channels which your route passes through. If your route has 30 channels, then it will skip 30 calls at the same time. The more channels the greater the profit.
CLI – Calling line identification.  Not supported

GSM terminator payment options (every two weeks):

  1. Money transfers: Western union, Union pay;
  2. The bank account to which the card is attached – visa or master card ( USD only);
  3. Electronic money, for example, webmoney. These systems are international and, as a rule, do not fall under the monitoring of states.
  4. Creation of an offshore company and opening an account abroad. A very popular offshore territory is Panama, Hong Kong, Georgia, countries in Asia, Middle East. But in civilized countries, companies that are registered in offshore zones cannot be paid. There is a black list of zones where it is extremely undesirable to send international payments. The account can be opened in any other country, in Europe, for example, it is popular to keep money in Switzerland, for the CIS countries it is Latvia.



Space Hotel To Launch In 2022 Costs Almost N285,000,000 A Night

Are you willing to take an adventure to space?
Orion Span, a US based company has announced that its luxury space hotel Aurora Station will be open in 2022.
This hotel will accommodate four guests and team members. Guests will have the opportunity to orbit the earth every 90 minutes for 12 days, that is 16 sunrises. Being a guest costs as much as $9.5 million (N3,420,000,000) while a night goes for $791,666 (N284,999,760). However, this fee is refundable until its launch.
The founder of Orion Span, Frank Burger speaking to media houses in the US said,
“Upon launch, Aurora Station will go into service immediately, bringing travellers into space quicker and at a lower price point than ever seen before, while still providing an unforgettable experience”.
“We want to get people into space because it’s the final frontier for our civilization”, he further told Bloomberg.
Reservations are now open.



TECHNOLOGY: Nigerians saw a self driving car for the first time, some says is spiritual. || Watch video

To some of them, it was magic. To some other, it was spiritual. Some even felt it was being remotely controlled. Someone was heard in the video, saying “Na spirit dey inside”.
These were the various impressions some Nigerians entertained when they saw a self-driving car for the first time.
Some of them couldn’t help peeping through the car window to check if someone was indeed driving the car.
Indeed, driverless cars are now a reality in Nigeria.
Anyway, kindly watch the video below and see the amazement as expressed by these Nigerians.



Can't open your car door? >> Watch how to unlock your car with a tennis ball

Sounds impossible? Not quite. Check our video out to explore this interesting car hack!
We have been seeing numerous useful life hacks which make our life more convenient. A useful car hack of “How to UNLOCK a CAR DOOR WITH ONLY A TENNIS BALL!!” recently posted on Youtube has drawn car users' attention. The video shows how to break into a car using a tennis ball with a scorched out hole. Now enjoy and tell Bestxplorer  what is in your mind.
However, please remember that this trick is not supposed to serve as a replacement for industry professional practices and maintenance techniques.



Innoson made in Nigeria cars: Overview, pictures, price list 2018 & more. >> Check & watch video

Learn more about Innoson cars in Nigeria from our full review on including Innoson cars pictures, price list 2018 & 5 advantages you might not know.

1. Innoson cars in Nigeria: Overview

Known as the first wholly indigenous auto manufacturing company in Nigeria, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) Co. Ltd attracts customer attention with its made-in-Nigerian vehicles that are made with purely Nigerian specs and not European, Japanese or American specs.
Japanese specs vehicle mean that it is made mainly to be used in Japan, so the Japanese environment is put in considerations while the carmakers producing their vehicles. Similar considerations were taken when American or European carmakers manufacture their cars.
Nigerian drivers are less lucky than their American or Japanese counterparts as they virtually had no opportunity to drive cars that are specially made for Nigerian environment, until the entrance of Innoson Motors.
IVM announced that their cars are made based on the environment, consumer preferences and local tastes in both Nigeria and African region – its concept of regionalization - during the production of its vehicles. Moreover, the Nigerian auto manufacturing firm stated that they would collect all users’ feedback and make constant improves on their cars accordingly to better meet all Nigerian customer demands.

2. Innoson cars price list 2018

Please refer to the table below for the Innoson cars price list 2018, as provided by IVM authorized dealers.
Innoson cars price list 2018
 Model Price
 Innoson FOX  N7,665,000
 Innoson UMU  N8,000,000
 Innoson G5   N12,390,000
 Innoson G6  N12,915,000
 Innoson G80 N27,825,000
 Innoson G40 NN17,325,000
 Innoson Carrier 4×4  N13,860,000
 Innoson Carrier 4×2 N9,400,000
 Innoson 5000 N9,400,000
 Innoson 6601  N22,995,000
 Innoson 6857  N27,700,00
 Innoson 6800  N34,650,000

3. Innoson cars pictures

3.1. Innoson Fox

Innoson IVM-Fox
Innoson Fox angular front
Innoson Fox front view
Innoson Fox profile
Innoson Fox rear view
Innoson Fox exterior features
Innoson Fox's wheel
Innoson Fox's shifting gear
Innoson Fox's dashboard

3.2. Innoson UMU

Innoson IVM-UMU
Innoson UMU angular front
Innoson UMU front view
Innoson UMU profile
Innoson UMU rear view
Innoson UMU exterior features
Innoson UMU dashboard
Innoson UMU shifting gear

3.3. Innoson Carrier 4x2

Innoson Carrier 4x2 under the hood
Innoson Carrier 4x2 rear view
Innoson Carrier 4x2 cargo space
Innoson Carrier 4x2 wheel
Innoson Carrier 4x2 exterior features
Innoson Carrier 4x2 mirror
Innoson Carrier 4x2 door from the inside

3.4. Innoson Carrier 4x4

Innoson Carrier 4x4 angular front
Innoson Carrier 4x4 front view
Innoson Carrier 4x4 front view exterior features
Innoson Carrier 4x4 gauges
Innoson Carrier 4x4 shifting gear
Innoson Carrier 4x4 control buttons
Innoson Carrier 4x4 cup holders

3.5. Innoson G5

Innoson G5 angular front
Innoson G5 front view
Innoson G5 profile
Innoson G5 cargo space
Innoson G5 exterior features
Innoson G5 mirror
Innoson G5 steering wheel

Innoson G5 shifting gear
Innoson G5 center console
Innoson G5 driver seat
Innoson G5 rear seats

3.6. Innoson 5000

Innoson 5000 profile
Innoson 5000 exterior features
Innoson 5000 steering wheel
Innoson 5000 dashboard
Innoson 5000 door from the inside
Innoson 5000 first row passengers' view
Innoson 5000 first row passenger seat
Innoson 5000 first row passenger seat

3.7. Innoson 6601

Innoson 6601 angular front
Innoson 6601 front view
Innoson 6601 profile
Innoson 6601 rear view
Innoson 6601 exterior details
Innoson 6601 dashboard
Innoson 6601 interior
Innoson 6601 passenger seats

3.8. Innoson 6857

Innoson 6857 angular front
Innoson 6857 front view
Innoson 6857 profile
Innoson 6857 rear view
Innoson 6857 exterior details
Innoson 6857 badge
Innoson 6857 passenger seats
Innoson 6857 interior

3.9. Innoson 6800

Innoson 6800 angular front
Innoson 6800 front view
Innoson 6800 profile
Innoson 6800 door steps
Innoson 6800 interior
Innoson 6800 passenger seats

4. Innoson cars in Nigeria: 5 advantages

4.1. Fuel efficiency

fuel efficiency car
Innoson vehicles are known for their fuel efficiency
The Innoson vehicle is famous for its fuel efficiency. Considering the fact that petrol is costly in Nigeria, the company makes its products to consume less diesel or petrol than other vehicles by from 10% to 15%. As a result, its customers continue giving their positive feedbacks on the car’s better fuel efficiency over other foreign brands.

4.2. Warranty

All Innoson cars offer a three-year warranty which covers engine, gear and axle. Furthermore, no matter which Innoson dealers you buy the vehicle from, they would provide quality and prompt after sale service, to the most remote locations. What’s more, the firm boasts the advantage of locally ready spare parts. Innoson customers can access warranty service through:
  • The Innoson IVM Mobile Workshop
The Innoson IVM Mobile Workshop provides customers with 24/7, quality vehicle repair service conducted by highly qualified mechanics and technicians who are ready to travel to all locations to so the services can be done with promptness and quality.
  • Innoson IVM Service Centers
The service centres conduct IVM sevices and other maintenance schedules. You can also buy Innoson original parts here.
2 man maintain cars
All Innoson vehicles come with three-year warranty which covers its engine, gear and axle

4.3. Low or even no overheating

Innoson car owners can experience extra important features that handle engine overheating. These features include:
  • Advanced thermostat
The new Innoson thermostat is located between the radiator and the engine. It includes a metal valve with a built-in temperature sensor. This thermostat is able to open or close automatically. When it is closed, the coolant is kept in the engine. In case the car engine has reached a predetermined temperature, the new thermostat will open and enable coolant to circulate, thereby stopping the engine from overheating.
  • Double or triple fans
Double or triple fans are the second unique feature of the Innoson cars which handles overheating. Considering the country’s hot environment, the Nigerian carmaker equips 2 more fans to the AC condenser in addition to one of the radiator. This unique feature is one of the main reasons that Innoson vehicles such as its buses, SUVs hardly overheat.

4.4. Auto-financing

car key, pen and car document.
Innoson cooperates with several banks in order to help customers to buy brand new vehicles
Auto-finance programs in Nigeria do exist but their interest rates, as well as hidden charges, stop people from accessing one of them to buy new cars. In response to that, Innoson cooperates with several banks like Diamond Bank, Sterling Bank, Fidelity Bank, in order to help customers to buy their brand new vehicle. The customer is allowed to pay the corresponding monthly amount for their car within three years.

4.5. Environmentally friendly vehicles

The automotive industry is growing, but it brings negative effects to the environment. Therefore, customers expectation are shifting to more environment-friendly cars, which makes a lot of difficulties to vehicle manufacturers in general.
As Naijauto mention in the opening of this article, the Innoson company now is able to manufacture its vehicles based on the environment, consumer preferences and local tastes in both Nigeria and African region. It is achieved by:
  • Reinforced Shock Absorber
Dealing with the deplorable Nigerian roads, the firm equips its vehicles with a reinforced shock absorber to absorb shock impulses. This advanced feature would improve vehicle handling and quality when traveling on Nigerian rough roads.
  • Economic Effectiveness
Coming with a lightweight body design and world-class chassis, all Innoson cars are notably lighter than other vehicles of the same class. It is capable of providing high power output while achieving low fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions at the same time.
Innoson cars
IVM is able to make products that meet specific Nigerian customer’s demands at the same price as other foreign vehicles
IVM is able to make products that meet specific Nigerian customer’s demands at the same price as other foreign vehicles. That is the major strength of Innoson cars. Moreover, the made-in-Nigeria cars care about special inputs at the manufacturing stage in order to satisfy special needs. 
So what do you think about Innoson cars? Are they worth your considering of drive home one?