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President Muhammadu Buhari is more known for his stance on integrity and anti-corruption crusade. He revealed today while receiving a delegate from his Party, All Progressive Congress(APC), while he did not touch the nation’s wealth.
He said he did not use his position of authority to loot because he has the fear of God.
“If I wanted to steal, I would have stolen because I held positions that gave me such opportunities. But if man didn’t see me, God will surely see me. If man didn’t jail me, my conscience will jail me.”



Atiku secures first victory at appeal court as judges order INEC to release election materials

The Court of Appeal has ordered the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to allow Atiku Abubakar and his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have access to all certified copies of the materials used in conducting the 2019 presidential election.
This, according to the court, is in pursuant to section 151(1 &2) of the Electoral Act as amended in 2010 which states that:
(1) An order for an inspection of a polling document or an inspection documents of a document or any other packet in the custody of the Chief National Electoral Commissioner or any other officer of the Commission may be made by the election tribunal or the court if it is satisfied that the inspection is required for the purpose of instituting, maintaining or defending an election petition.
(2) A document other than a document referred to in subsection (I) of this section relating to an election and which is retained by the Chief National Electoral Commissioner or any other officer of the Commission in accordance with this section shall be open for inspection on an order made by the Election Tribunal or a Court in exercise of its powers to compel the production of documents in legal proceedings, but shall not otherwise be open for inspection.
The three-member panel led Abdul Aboki also ordered INEC to make available to Mr Abubakar and the PDP all documents and electoral materials used for the election for the purpose of the inspection.
Delivering a unanimous ruling on the exparte motion filed by Mr Abubakar and the PDP, Mr Aboki, however, refused the applicants’ prayers for scanning and forensic analysis of the election materials, Premium Times reports.
The court also refused to direct INEC to make available all polling documents for forensic analysis as requested by the applicants.
The court, in addition, refused to order the electoral body to permit forensic experts of the applicants to examine form EC48 and other relevant forms used for the election.
Mr Aboki noted that the applicant’s lawyer, Chris Uche, had rightly based his argument on a previous decision of Election Petition Tribunal, but observed that the decision which permits applicants to inspect, to scan for forensic analysis has been overruled by “this court because it confers unfair advantage to the applicant.”
The appeal court serves as the election petition tribunal for the presidential election.
Mr Abubakar and the PDP are challenging President Muhammadu Buhari’s victory in the February 23 presidential election.



My next four years will be peaceful, prosperous, Nigerians will enjoy - Buhari

A week ago after President Muhammadu Buhari said his next tenure would be tough, the president toned down his language Thursday, saying his next four years would rather be peaceful and prosperous adding that every Nigerians will enjoy and will have nothing to regret he says.
Buhari, who made this promise while hosting leaders of the organised labour in the State House, added that his next tenure of four years would also be corruption-free.
The president also said the next administration would remain focused on his campaign promises to fight corruption, grow economy and fight insecurity.
He also said he looked forward to receiving proposals from the labour leaders on how they could jointly build synergy that would assist in achieving the common goals of the federal government.
He said: “By the grace of God, majority of Nigerians have given me another four years of continuity. We will remain focused on our promises which remain security, economy and fighting corruption.
“I want to assure you that the next four years will be peaceful, prosperous and corruption free. I therefore look forward to receiving your proposals so that together, we can achieve these goals.”
Buhari also thanked the labour leaders for their support and cooperation towards the conduct of February 23 presidential election, saying their cooperation helped many to exercise their civic rights.
He also thanked them for the roles they played in voter education and prayed for the conduct of violence-free governorship poll on Saturday.
The president, who said he understood the plights of the labour leaders, pointed out how they were under pressure to meet the expectations of their followers, adding that he looked forward to further engagements with them in the nearest future.
“We cannot succeed without your cooperation. I appreciate the pressure you are under from your respective constituencies, most especially if you have to submit yourself for elections.
“You have to prove to your members that you are with them rather than with the government and we understand.
“Let me start by thanking you for the support and patriotism that you have shown during the presidential elections.
“You and many Nigerians stepped in to help many Nigerians exercise their rights to votes. You intervened as patriots not for political, religious and tribal reasons. You stood in during a very difficult period for all of us.
“On behalf of all Nigerians who benefited from your kind support, I want to say thank you. As a result of what you did, many citizens were able to travel and vote.
“I am also aware that many of your members were very active in voter education and promotion of peaceful elections in your various communities. Thankfully, the presidential elections were conducted peacefully in most parts of the country.
“As we go to the polls this weekend, my prayer is that we also conduct elections in a non-violent manner.
“I very much look forward to your continued support and engagement to ensure creative ways. We cannot afford to go back to the days of violence,” he added.



“I am alive”— Bauchi man who drank ‘gutter water’ to celebrate Buhari’s victory finally speaks

Aliyu Mohammed Sani, the person who was reported to have died after swimming in and drinking water from a drainage (gutter) in Bauchi, is hale and hearty.
Sani who spoke with our reporter on the telephone on Wednesday said that report about his death was a fabrication and fake news relayed on the Social Media.
Sani, a painter dismissed the rumour that he was taken to hospital over any form of complication.
According to report, Sani had vowed to spend some minutes inside a gutter and drink the drainage water if President Buhari wins re-election.
He fulfilled his promise after the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, declared Buhari of the All Progressives Congress,APC as winner of the Feb 23 presidential election. The picture of Sani who did the ‘4+4’ sign after emerging from the gutter went viral.
However, on Tuesday, March 5, he was reported to have died after battling with gastrointestinal bleeding in the hospital for days after his public stunt.
“As I am talking to you now, I am on my way back to Bauchi after we finished a painting work somewhere outside Bauchi,” he said.
According to him, his decision to drink water from the gutter if President Muhammadu Buhari wins re-election was a promise, he took in the presence of people which he fulfilled.
“It is true, I made the promise before the elections and I fulfilled it and I have no regrets,” he added.


Please, take 1 or 2 minutes of your time and carefully read this and then drop your comments.
Presidential and National Assemblies elections has come and gone, it's so unfortunate that many individuals had lost their lives at the cause of victory celebration of their candidates.
However, Gubernatorial and state assembly elections is just by the corner and I want each and every one of us to sit and ponder over this;
1. Those that died have you seen or heard that the elected candidates in which their victory was celebrated visited the deceased family to condole them or offer them a scholarship?

2. Has it occur to you that they also have children? If so why is it that their children are not out there running up and down together with you celebrating their parents victory?

3. Do you know? Their wards and families are would be at their comfort zone or in different executive hotels spending money and celebrating that same victory in which you're out there with a hungry stomach doing the same but in a different pathetic way.

4. It's the same politicians that will reserve the white collar jobs for their children and leave you out there going up and down with your hard earn CV's looking for job but won't get one and when you do the earning won't be anything compare to what they spend in a day during their outing.

5. How many of them or their families do you see mingling with the poor or masses?

6. You end up being an enemy with your friends or neighbours in which you knew each others for many years because of politicians while the politicians end up living happily with each others after elections or misunderstandings.

7. Big men hardly fight and when they do they reconcile and leave you envying your friends because of them.

8. Don't be use as a thug or mercenary to sabotage or rig the election, let them send their children to lead the way or be the pioneer's.

9. You can celebrate their victory but do it in a legal and responsible manner.

10. Your future is perhaps brighter than theirs or their wards. DON'T WASTE IT!!!

My name is Fidelis B. Israel
coordinator / Technical officer of;


El-Rufai wife Hadiza described division along religious line as unfortunate, urges women to vote El-Rufai

The wife of governor  Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State, Hadiza Isma, says it is unfortunate that the state has been divided along the religious line.
Addressing a news conference in Kaduna yesterday, the governor’s wife yesterday called on the people of the state to ignore hate campaign messages being circulated on the social media.
She said: “We know what happened in Rwanda, we hope we will not go that way. Everyone has a right to vote anybody he or she wants.
“We have been divided along religious line, which is unfortunate. Vote for whoever you think will deliver good governance in the state. We must disregard all hate messages going on in the social media.”
She congratulated President Muhammadu Buhari and other All Progressives Congress’ candidates in the last presidential and National Assembly polls and appealed to Kaduna women to re-elect her husband.
She said: “We want to thank the people of Kaduna state for coming out en masse and voted in the last presidential and National Assembly polls. I want to tell you that it is not yet over, the governorship and state House of Assembly elections is this Saturday, please women should come out and vote APC.
“We believe that if this government is voted back the people especially women will benefit more.This government is women friendly. We have 5 female commissioners out of 14 commissioners. We also have a woman as a running mate, state head of service is a woman. I want to call on my fellow women to come out and vote and there should be peace.”




Few hours ago, an unofficial track by Wizkid surfaced online, it’s titled ” Jah Bless Me “.
However, Jah Bless Me was actually recorded when Wizkid spent his vacation Ghana’s early this year. Produced by Ghanaian hit-maker, KillBeatz.
Above all, Wizkid expresses gratitude for GOD’s blessing upon his life on this song. After that, he also talked about the Government’s inability to carry out her responsibility on the youth.
Seems like Daddy Yo will be hitting us soon with his Album, can’t just wait.



The Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU) Monday denied embarking on another strike after its just concluded three months strike.
“The Academic Staff Union of Universities has denied embarking on another strike or making any fresh demands,” the Union said on Monday
“The president of the union, Professor Biodum Ogunyemi in an interview yesterday said the reports that the union had embarked on another strike are false,” its added.
The rumour started after the union’s Twitter account replied to a tweet asking “Whatcha doin?” with a statement, “Thinking of going on another 3 months strike action..,” which suggested that the union may be prepared to start another strike
The commission recently suspended its almost three-month nationwide strike which started on the 4th November 2018.
The strike followed the Union’s demand for the implementation of previous agreements to improve universities funding.
After a series of meetings between the Nigerian government officials and members of the union, ASUU directed its members to return to classrooms.
ASUU said it hoped that “the government would be truthful in the disbursement of the funds for the revitalisation of public universities in accordance with the recommendation of the NEEDS assessment report.”


Sex Scandal: Nasarawa state Senator-elect beaten and stripped naked in viral video

Deputy Speaker of Nasarawa State House of Assembly, Godiya Akwashiki. [PHOTO CREDIT: Official Facebook page of Godiya Akwashiki]

A nude video showing the Deputy Speaker of Nasarawa State House of Assembly, Godiya Akwashiki, has gone viral on social media.
Mr Akwashiki, who represents Nasarawa Eggon west in the state assembly, was allegedly caught in the act of trying to sleep with the wife of former National Judicial Council (NJC) secretary, Danladi Envuluanza.
Mr Akwashiki was recently elected senator to represent Nasarawa North Senatorial District.
In the viral video, the lawmaker was heard begging for water to drink while another voice which many believe to be that of Mr Envulanza’s was speaking at the background.
A source close to the Envulanza family told PREMIUM TIMES Mr Akwashiki had already accepted the allegations and attributed it to the devil in his confessional statement to the police at the Maitama police station.

He said the lawmaker got Mrs Envulanza’s number with the intention that she will help him convince her husband to support his senatorial ambition.
“After the election, he has been calling her more often, like three to four times daily. With the way events have taken a different dimension and the fact that he has shown interest on Danladi’s wife, she warned him on two occasions,” the source said.
He said despite the warning, the lawmaker still persisted in making sexual advances towards her.
He said on the day of the incident, the lawmaker contacted Mr Envulanza’s security to ask him where his boss was as at that time, The security told him his boss had travelled to Jos.

“Not satisfied with the answer, he called Danladi’s driver to also ask about the whereabouts of his boss and of course, the driver told him that Danladi had travelled to Jos.”
“It looked like a perfect time for the devil to book an appointment with Danladi’s wife.”
“He phoned her and made arrangements for her to meet him at exclusive stores supermarket where he will buy the drinks they will drink at the hotel he was taking her to.”
He said unknown to the lawmaker, Mr. Envulanza didn’t travel to Jos and was aware of the plan and had been monitoring the situation.
“It was after he picked her up and was taking her to a hotel that he was caught and beaten by some angry youths. He was then handed over to the police.”
“At Maitama police station, Godiya Akwashiki confessed to have committed the crime of wanting to sleep with Danladi’s wife and that he was taking her to a hotel.”
“There are glaring evidences that affirm this truthful account. Notably amongst them are the recorded conversations between Godiya Akwashiki and Danladi’s wife and his written confessional statement given to personnel of the Nigerian Police Force, Maitama police station.”
He said the lawmaker’s confessional statement was given in front of some notable national executives of the All Progressive Congress (APC).
He debunked the rumor that the lawmaker was caught in the house of the politician.
“I wish to make some clarification on the sex scandal. Godiya Akwashiki was not caught at Danladi’s residence; Danladi has not in anyway framed Godiya because he has nothing to benefit from it,” the source said.
Efforts to speak to the lawmaker have been unsuccessful as he did not respond to calls and text messages sent to his line. He is believed to be receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital.
However, the lawmaker’s camp has denied the report that he was soliciting for sex from the politician’s wife.
They claimed he was stripped naked at gunpoint and set up in a bid to embarrass him.
The FCT police spokesman, Anjuguri Manzah, when contacted on phone said investigation is still ongoing.
“There is nothing I can say for now, investigation is still ongoing,” Mr Manzah said.



AUDIO + VIDEO: Burna Boy — Dangote

Burna Boy presents the official music video to his latest single “Dangote“, produced by Kel P.
In a 360 degree spin, Burna Boy switches from the fun and good vibes of ’Killin’ Dem’ to a more intense, socially charged narrative in his new single ’Dangote’.
In his usual manner, the afrofusion artiste addresses a number of the economic problems the youth in Nigeria face on a day-to-day basis and how they deal with it. Two things set apart this video, directed by Clarence Peters, from the others. Firstly, we see these stories told from the perspectives of the people living these lives, and we also see the consequences of their actions.
As Burna Boy sings about the hustle in true Fela style, we are taken from one story to another and given a sense of how all of it is linked. The hustle must go on, but we also need to be aware that for every action there is often an equal and opposite reaction. We also appreciate the saxophone solos at the end, paying tribute to Fela.
Considering the recently concluded presidential elections, this video comes at a time when we need a reminder like this
Watch the visuals shot by Capital Dreams ()Clarence Peters below


Man, wife, 3 children burnt to death hours after posting on Facebook "I stay winning in this month of March"

A sustainable development advocate, his wife and their three children were burnt to death in a house fire which broke out last night.

Isaiah Terungwa Jonathan had looked forward to a great month and took to Facebook hours before his death to write: "Let whoever think whatever. I stay winning in this month of March."

He also wrote:
The battles you face in life are designed to develop confidence in you.
Whatever you may be up against, be assured, when you look back and take note of all you overcame, you will certainly be the more confident to face the next battle......
Stay strong in the battle!