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How I Was Deprived Of Two Jobs In Lagos Because I Was 'Overqualified' - AYL President, Enoch Israel Reveals

Rapper, King Sniffy reveals in details how he was been deprived of 2 jobs in Lagos, Nigeria simply because he was over qualified. 
Read his story below 

Wednesday, 11th September will mark exactly one year I came to Lagos. I came to Lagos on 11th September, 2018. The journey has been rough, stressful and challenging. But above all, it's worth it.
When I first arrived in Lagos, I was very excited. But after my first 5 hours of being in Lagos, I started feeling bad and wishing to go back. Lagos is a crazy place; the traffic, crowd, corporate beggars, agboros and all. You have to be up and doing at all times. If you can make it in here, you can make it anywhere.
Two weeks after I came to Lagos, I was invited for an interview by an Indian company. When I got there, I presented my CV and credentials to the interviewers (Indians). They went through it and asked me questions which I answered. They asked me to write an essay, which I did and gave them. The three Indians were amazed and told me they can't give me the job because I was overqualified for it. I was shocked. That was the first time I heard the word "Overqualified" for a job. I told them that I don't mind accepting it like that. They looked at each other and they all agreed that I should be taken to meet the Director himself.
The Director was an old Yoruba man, who looks like Tinubu. Lol. I entered his well-furnished office. They explained to him the situation on ground and he collected my CV and then asked me some few questions. After I answered, he smiled and said to me "My son, you are too big for all the available positions we have. If I employ you here, even God would not be happy with me because I would be depriving you of a brighter future."
I smiled and said "thank you sir", then left. I was quite sad and dejected. When I was leaving I heard the old Yoruba man telling the Indian that this boy is very brilliant.
A week later, I was invited for another interview at Victoria Island. I went there, and submitted my CV and we did the interview. After the interview, the interviewer told me bluntly that the company can't afford to pay me. I was amused because it's a big company, so I asked him why and he said because my level of education and exposure is too high. I told him I'm ready to accept what's on the table but he said the company needs someone with less qualifications and exposure than me. That was the first time it dawned on me that being highly educated has it's own disadvantages. Lol.
I told my uncle and he advised I reduce some of the qualifications on my CV. He also said I should not be giving them full answers when I go for interviews. Lol.
Notwithstanding, after a couple of months, I got a good job somewhere else. Barely a month after I started working, I received another interview invite at a Magazine house and after the interview, the Manager told me I got the job and I should go back the next day for my appointment letter. I asked how much is the salary and after he mentioned it, I told him it's too small for me. He said I should come back the next day and he will increase it in the appointment letter. I went back the next day and after giving me the letter, I went through the salary and saw that he had increased it but I still told him "I really appreciate the offer, sir, but I'm sorry I can't accept it. I'm worth more than this.".And that was a salary that would pay 3 or more staff somewhere else. The man was surprised. He asked me where I came from and when I told him from the North, he couldn't hide the amusement and surprise on his face. What surprised him most was the fact that I also schooled in the North. Contrary to popular belief, the Northerners are uneducated. Lol. So he was shocked..When I left the office, I was surprised at myself...I was deprived of two jobs some months back because I was overqualified, and today I'm declining a job because it's too small for me..One thing I learned from this is that Life is a puzzle; you just need to find the missing parts and fix them. Also, every disappointment is a blessing in disguised. Irony of life.

Blackface challenges 2Face, releases song, ‘African Queen’ (listen)

The ‘fight’ between singers 2Face Idibia and Blackface may be rekindled again as Blackface has just released a new ‘African Queen’ fifteen years after 2Face released it.
Blackface has accused 2Face severally of stealing the song from him when they were still in the defunct Plantation Boiz, an accusation 2Face has also severally denied.
With the release of the new African Queen by Blackface, the age-long war between the two may once again take the centre stage of the media as the battle for the true owner the song continues.
To listen to the song, click button below


BBNAIJA2019: Big Brother Naija Week 10 Voting Results

Big Brother Naija Week 10 Voting Results

This week, 5 housemates are up for possible eviction from the big brother naija show after been placed on nomination by fellow housemates.

Big Brother Naija 2019 Week 10 Eviction List

How the housemates voted – Below is a breakdown of who the housemates nominated for possible eviction
  • Mercy Nominated Omashola and Venita.
  • Omashola Nominated Elozonam and Diane
  • Cindy Nominated Diane and Seyi
  • Elozonam Nominated Seyi and Mike
  • Tacha Nominated Mercy and Frodd
  • Mike Nominated Frodd and Seyi
  • Khafi Nominated Elozonam and Venita
  • Frodd Nominated Omashola and Elozonam
  • Venita Nominated Frodd and Khafi
  • Seyi Nominated Mercy and Frodd
  • Diane Nominated Omashola and Venita
  • Ike Nominated Venita and Khafi
Ike and Mercy who are this week’s joint head of house means Ike is immune to nominations while Seyi, the Veto Power Holder for week 10 saved himself in replacement with Khafi

Big Brother Naija Week 10 Nomination List

Below are the names of five bbnaija housemates up for eviction in week 10 of big brother naija 2019
  • Elozonam
  • Omashola
  • Venita
  • Frodd
  • Khafi

Big Brother Naija Housemates up for Eviction This Week (Week 10)

The final five bbnaija housemates up for eviction this week are Elozonam, Omashola, Venita, Frodd and Khafi

Big Brother Naija Week 10 Voting Results Percentage

BBnaija Voting result: How you all voted for your favourite housemate
How you Voted – bbnaija week 10 voting result percentage
BBnaija Voting result percentage: Khafi got the highest vote at 28.21% while Venita got the lowest vote at 7.06%. Frodd got 24.46% and following behind is Omashola with 20.61% and Elozonam got 19.66%

Big Brother Naija Week 10 Eviction Results
Venita has been evicted
Venita is the first housemate to be evicted today. Venita has been evicted from the big brother house and goes on to become the 15th housemates to be evicted joining the likes of Sir Dee, Esther, Jackye, Gedoni, Enkay, Joe, Jeff, Nelson, Thelma, Tuoyo, Isilomo, Kimoprah, Ella and Avala who have all being evicted from the big brother house.

Big Brother Naija Today Eviction
big brother naija 2019 voting results today
Venita was the only housemate evicted today while the remaining 4 housemates (Elozonam, Frodd, Omashola, and Khafi) were saved.

Big Brother Naija Remaining Housemates 2019
There are now 11 housemates left in the big brother naija house. The remaining 11 housemates are Mike, Tacha, Khafi, Omashola, Cindy, Elozonam, Diane, Seyi, Frodd, Mercy and Ike.




MUSIC: Supreme Intellect – Karyansu | Download

Supreme Intellect is a Kaduna fast rising artiste Base in Lagos who got all the sause to make it big in the industry. His flows are exceptional and rare with an outstanding vocals and delivery. Trust me after listening to his latest single titled "KARYANSU" you would be left with no option than to fall in love with this young and amazing talent.




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Nicki Minaj Quits Music To Have Family – She Reveals Via Tweets

Nicki Minaj says she’s retiring from music to have a family.

The rapper made the announcement in a tweet on Thursday afternoon.

“I’ve decided to retire & have my family. I know you guys are happy now. To my fans, keep reppin me, do it til da death of me, in the box- cuz ain’t nobody checkin me,” she wrote.

“Love you for LIFE.”

Thursday’s announcement was met with bewilderment from Minaj’s fans, some of whom couldn’t quite believe that the rapper is actually retiring and suggested her tweet might have been a joke.
Minaj rose to prominence between 2007 and 2009 with her mixtapes, eventually delivering hits such as “Anaconda”, “Super Bass” and “Starships”.

Her first album, Pink Friday, came out in 2010. Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded followed in 2012.

Minaj’s third studio album, The Pinkprint, was released in 2014, and her most recent album to date, Queen, debuted in 2018.

Throughout her career, Minaj has been heralded as one of the most influential hip hop artists of all time.
She earned 10 Grammy nominations, six American Music Awards, 11 BET Awards and four Billboard music awards, among other accolades.



Rapper and on air personality with Rock Side FM Kafanchan, Little P fires at Rapper, D'Paramount with his own opinion about SK Celebrities Night. D'Paramount has instead calls out Little P out saying he's against Southern Kaduna artistes where he claims the AOP tagged all SK artistes as hypocrites. However, Little P on the other hand has poured out his feelings about the event which he thinks is single handedly organised by the DPEMG boss adding that SK artistes are not under a brand but a collective body instead. He also speaks about Southern Kaduna entertainment where he mentioned some of the weaknesses and suggested a way forward.
Read what he says below...

My opinion on SK celebrity night 
 Am not against the initiative but truth be told Dpemg is a brand of an individual while Sk is a home for many brands 
 My question is...  Is it a one man movement or a team of sk artists coming together discuss round table and agree to host such event? 
 And what are they plans for,  what is the aim and objectives of the event 
 What will come after the event tag SK celebrity night 
 Who and who ar  involve 
 What about producers comedians poet and other art 

 Is not by seeing ur name on posters but wat is T he  plans to make sk bigger . 
 What about our content 
 Have we ever sit round table and focus on the reasons why we got underrated by some fucking event planners?  
 Have we ever come together to deal with the issue of no payment in an event?  We have a body we are abounding (Skaf) 
 We are Sk pls not under a brand 
 Yes it's beyond doubt DP is keeping it real but  there is more of this than what we telling the world now of who we are,, 
  Av face a lot of humiliations from my house.J Town folks and Main Kd
 Our content is still suffering we need to build it up 
 Our standard is under develop pls let's develop it if you reason with me there is more to do than this, let's bring it home 
 Let's work on our selves
 Let's work on our standard 
Let's work on unity 
 Let's work on our fan base. Just my opinion  we are still coming up 
 I owe no beef 
I love sk 
 I promot Sk 
I respect sk.. Pls don't be offended am just a true lover of you


On what has look like a debate or a kind of misunderstanding between rapper, D'Paramount and rapper/OAP, Little P about the major setback of the growth of SK Entertainment. D'Paramount has come out to the public and dragged Little P out where he said Little P has been calling all SK artistes hypocrites while he tried to encourage him to keep supporting the growth of the SK entertainment against all odds but the radio Jagaban, Little P seems to be against it.
His words and chats screenshots below
Check Out This Screenshot Chat By Me And Littlep ThaRadiojagaban
This Brother Was Calling All sk Artists Hypocrite In My Chat And I Tried To Encourage Him To Keep Supporting, Cause I've Also Giving Up Myself To Put SK In The Map But This Nigga Was A Kinda Agaist It, Now His Publicly Tranna Tarnish My Image, Wonder Shall Never End oo



The country's first post-independent leader passed away in Singapore where he was seeking treatment.

Former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has died at the age of 95, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said. 
"It is with the utmost sadness that I announce the passing on of Zimbabwe's founding father and former President, Cde Robert Mugabe," Mnangagwa posted on Twitter early on Friday.

"His contribution to the history of our nation and continent will never be forgotten. May his soul rest in eternal peace," he added.

After Mugabe's fall from office in November 2017, his renowned physical stamina seemed to seep away.

The former political prisoner turned guerrilla leader swept to power in the 1980 elections after a growing rebellion and economic sanctions forced the white minority colonial government to the negotiating table.

Born on February 21, 1924, into a Catholic family at Kutama Mission northwest of Harare, Mugabe was described as a loner and a studious child, known to carry a book even while tending cattle in the bush.

After his carpenter father left the family when he was 10, the young Mugabe concentrated on his studies, qualifying as a schoolteacher at the age of 17.

An intellectual who initially embraced Marxism, he enrolled at Fort Hare University in South Africa, meeting many of Southern Africa's future black nationalist leaders.

After teaching in Ghana, where he was influenced by founder president Kwame Nkrumah, Mugabe returned to what was then Rhodesia, where he was detained for his nationalist activities in 1964 and spent the next 10 years in prison camps or jail.

During his incarceration, he gained three degrees through correspondence, but the years in prison were wrenching.

Mugabe's four-year-old son by his first wife, Ghanaian-born Sally Francesca Hayfron, died while he was behind bars. Rhodesian leader Ian Smith denied him leave to attend the funeral.

He once famously said that he'd rule his country until he turned 100, and many expected him to die in office. But growing discontent about the southern African country's fractured leadership and other problems prompted a military intervention, impeachment proceedings by the parliament and large street demonstrations for his removal.

The announcement of Mugabe's November 21, 2017 resignation after he initially ignored escalating calls to quit triggered wild celebrations in the streets of the capital, Harare.

Mugabe's decline in his last years as president was partly linked to the political ambitions of his wife, Grace, a brash, divisive figure whose ruling party faction eventually lost out in a power struggle with supporters of Mnangagwa, who was close to the military.

Despite Zimbabwe's decline during his rule, Mugabe remained defiant, railing against the West for what he called its neo-colonialist attitude and urging Africans to take control of their resources, a populist message that was often a hit even as many nations on the continent shed the strongman model and moved toward democracy.

Mugabe enjoyed acceptance among peers in Africa who chose not to judge him in the same way as Britain, the United States and other Western detractors.

Toward the end of his rule, he served as rotating chairman of the 54-nation African Union and the 15-nation Southern African Development Community; his criticism of the International Criminal Court was welcomed by regional leaders who also thought it was being unfairly used to target Africans.




After long anticipation, here is INNOCENT that you’ve been demanding for Upwizzy now proves to the world that he’s not just an ordinary rapper but also an inspirational preacher with this track. He speak about lots of things happening around the globe using mighty punchlines and wordplays.If you are doubting him or you don’t even like his songs before INNOCENT will definitely change your mind and make you fall in love with the black skin boy(Adeyanju Opeyemi Mubarak) for life. You surely gonna have this on a repeat mode once you download it and you’ll know it worth waiting for so long for it to be releasedConnect with UPWIZZY on social networksINSTAGRAM: @upwizzyadvocateFacebook: Upwizzy Opeyemi AdeyanjuWhatsApp:  (+234)09064342329



MUSIC: Tiwa Savage – 49 - 99 | Download

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Tiwa Savage comes through with her new highly anticipated single “49-99”. Consequently, this serves as her debut single few months after existing Mavin Records and it is released under her new imprint ‘Universal Music Group’. It comes shortly after the visual for her DJ Spinall assisted hit single “Dis Love” released last month. Also, she got featured on BeyoncĂ©’s project, ‘The Lion King’ for the song “Keys To The Kingdom” alongside Mr Eazi.


High Time All The Hatred Comes To An End – Akon Speaks on Xenophobia Attacks

“I say this with much pains in my heart and tears in my eyes to see some brothers from South Africa killing Nigerians (Africans) and other foreigners residing in there country

“We all are family the skin color and nationality doesn’t bring about differences within us.

“Its the 21st Century and a high time all the hatred comes to an end, we should focus more on growing and developing our continent to stand out shoulders high amongst all other continents.

“God has blessed and enriched us with so much gifts of nature and we shouldn’t put up ungodly acts to say to him how ungrateful we could be by been wicked to our fellow humans.” -Akon

Credit: Diuch Reporters



FULL ALBUM: Phyno – “Deal With It” | Download All Songs

Phyno – Deal With It Full album Download + Zip
Penthauze Music Boss, Phyno has dropped his anticipated project titled “Deal With It” Album.

The body of work, “Deal With It” consist of 21-tracks which features the likes of Runtown, Falz, Phenom, Davido, Flavour, Cheque, Teni, DonJazzy, Olamide, Harmonize, Zoro, Nuno, Duncan Mighty and Rhatti.

The “Deal WIth It” album had production credit to Benjamz, Kel P, Major Bankz, Jaysynths Beatz, Killertunes, Masterkraft, Mystro, Tspize, Willis, Iambeatz, and other talented record producers.

Check tracklist below to Download and Enjoy Phyno – Deal with it album

1. Intro (Deal With It)DOWNLOAD
4. Gods Willing (feat. Runtown)DOWNLOAD
5. Get the Info (feat. Falz & Phenom)DOWNLOAD
6. Ride For You (feat. Davido)DOWNLOAD
7. Speak Life (On God)DOWNLOAD
8. I Got Your BackDOWNLOAD
9. Recognize (feat. Cheque)DOWNLOAD
10. Vibe (feat. Flavour)DOWNLOAD
12. Ka Anyi Na Ayo (feat. Teni)DOWNLOAD
14. ProblemDOWNLOAD
15. Blessings (feat. Don Jazzy & Olamide)DOWNLOAD
17. Body (feat. Harmonize)DOWNLOAD
20. Uwam (feat. Zoro)DOWNLOAD
21. Fuwa Sewa Refix (feat. Nuno & Rhatti)DOWNLOAD
22. All I See (feat. Duncan Mighty)DOWNLOAD

Stream on Apple ITunes


Mcjagz drops his verse on Tekno's single, titled “Better” (Hope for Africa)

They multi-talented artists delivered a great message. They speaks on the illness of our country and states the changes he wants for us to have a better Nigeria. 

Download, and enjoy!!


MTN To close down service centres, orders workers to stay home

Telecoms giant, MTN Nigeria, said it has
confirmed attacks on its facilities in three major cities of Lagos, Ibadan and Uyo in Lagos, Oyo and Akwa Ibom states respectively, ostensibly in retaliation for ongoing xenophobic attacks against Nigerians in South Africa.
Its Company Secretary, Uto Ukpanah, in a statement, explained that sequel to the attacks and the premium the firm has placed on its human capital and other stakeholders, all service centres and offices will remain shut.
Ukpanah said: “MTN Nigeria Communications Plc confirms that over the last day, our facilities, customers and some of our stakeholders have been the subject of attacks in retaliation for the ongoing xenophobia situation in South Africa.
“We have confirmed reports of attacks in Lagos, Ibadan and Uyo.
“While we remain committed to providing uninterrupted services, the safety and security of our customers, staff and partners is our primary concern.
“All MTN stores and service centres will therefore be closed as a precaution until further notice.

“MTN condemns any acts of violence, prejudice and xenophobia and remains absolutely committed to ensuring a peaceful harmonious and respectful relationship with all communities in Nigeria and across Africa.

“We are engaging all relevant authorities in this regard and we urge them to act swiftly to reduce tensions both in South Africa and Nigeria. We will provide further updates as and when possible”

Nigeria Police Medical Screening List 2019/2020 | Check NPF Medical List Here

Nigeria Police Medical Screening List 2019 is Out – NPF Medical Screening List of applicants is out. This article will show you how to check your name on the list.
Information reaching us has it that Nigeria Police Force has released the Medical Screening Result of selected applicants. To check the list, follow the procedures below.
More details will be provided on the Medical Examination date. If you want to see if you are among the list of selected applicants, visit or check your email for any mail regarding Medical Examination.

How to Check Nigeria Police Screening Medical List

The first steps to check the list is to visit which is the official website of the Nigeria Police Force.
Any information regarding Police Medical Screening will also be conveyed to you via the email address you signed up with.
Currently, NPF Website is having downtime issues but once the website is live, you can check the website for more information regarding the screening exercise.
However, BestXplorer has the list of Kaduna and Nasarawa states. If you need any of the two kindly send us a message via WhatsApp with the words; "I Want Kaduna List" or "I want Nasarawa list" 
The WhatsApp number is: 08023666735



Breaking!!! Davido Set To Get Married To Chioma, Releases Wedding Date

It’s about to be a really awesome year for music fans in 2020 as one of the most beautiful thing to ever hit the music industry is about to happen in that year.

Davido has technically revealed that he is about to get married to his long time girlfriend, Chioma in that year. Davido made this known through his Instagram story as well as urge every one to get their traditional attires ready for that day.
The singer who just came back to Nigeria for his introduction to Chioma’s family after spending 8 months in the United States  posted a picture of the beautiful gathering at Chioma’s father’s house on his social media pages to alert fans about the joyous event that is to come next year.
View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Davido Adeleke (@davidoofficial

BREAKING: Nigerian Government Summons South Africa High Commissioner

The Nigerian government has summoned the South African High Commissioner to Nigeria, Bobby Moroe, over the recent xenophobic attacks on Nigerians.
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, made the call on Tuesday and scheduled a meeting to hold today.
Onyema had on Monday vowed that the Nigerian government would take decisive measures following the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and their businesses in South Africa.
He described the news of the attack as "sickening and depressing".
"Received sickening and depressing news of continued burning and looting of Nigerian shops and premises in #SouthAfrica by mindless criminals with ineffective police protection. Enough is enough. We will take definitive measures. @NigeriaGov @DigiCommsNG @GovernmentZA @DIRCO_ZA," he tweeted on Monday.