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Nigerian rapper, Terry tha Rapman collaborates Jan Wuya‘ which literally means ‘red neck’ in Hausa, a term for high ranking officers in the Nigerian army.
with one of Kaduna’s rising hip-hop acts DJ Cinch on this new heat titled ‘
The Nigerian MC compares himself with the late Gen. Sani Abacha on this fiery hip-hop beat. The song was produced by Kaduna’s ace producer Skillmatiq. Download below


After a successful 2018 winning the Artiste of the year and song of the year awards at the Kaduna Entertainment Awards and also performing on stage at the 50th edition of the Afropolitan vibes organised by Music Legend Ade Bantu in Lagos.

Kaduna's rave of the moment DJ CINCH drops his First official single for the year 2019 titled "Wanka" . The title Wanka is a Hausa slang which simply means Looking Fly and in the song DJ CINCH talks about coming into the industry with his own vibe and unique style. This is free music for his fans and he's thanking them for their support with this BANGER.  Enjoy!!!
DJ Cinch is signed to UpNorth Recordz.

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BBNaija 2019: Diane has been evicted from show | Too sad

Diane has been evicted from the BBNaija 2019 Pepper Dem after spending a total of 92 days. [MultiChoice]
Diane has been evicted from the Big Brother Naija 2019 house after a total of 92 days in the house.

Diane becomes the 21st housemate to be evicted from the BBNaija 2019 Pepper Dem edition.

Her eviction announcement was made after Frodd used his Ultimate Veto Power to pick one housemate - Diane and Omashola - for eviction.

Tonight’s Pepper Dem twist saw Diane leaving the House after being randomly picked out from an unlucky draw. The Task of picking Diane to leave was performed by Frodd as the second and final part of the privilege of his Ultimate Veto Power. The choice wasn’t entirely in his hands as he had to randomly pick from a magic hat.

Seyi, Mercy and Frodd evaded eviction after they emerged Head of House, Immunity buyer and Ultimate Veto Power holder respectively in the 13th week.

Diane's eviction is coming a night after Elozonam and Ike were evicted during the 13th Sunday Live eviction show.


Da Spicy and exclusive multi talented artiste and producer, LY has again penned down a heart touching love rythym that expresses a pure affection and endless love to the woman of his dream in which him and the lady are sharing one thing in common which is; ROMANTIC LOVE that CALL for an endless union. He titled this melody as; ROMANTIC CALL!
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Davido’s “Blow My Mind” Feat. Chris Brown Submitted For Grammy 2020 Nomination By RCA

Davido’s “Blow My Mind” featuring Chris Brown has been submitted by his international record label, RCA for a consideration in the upcoming Grammy nomination processes.

It is rapidly getting towards that time Grammy organizers would be making a list of nominations for next year’s Grammy awards and they have started to urge record labels and artists to submit songs that they find worthy of nominations in the soon to kick-off nomination process. Meanwhile, it is good news for Afro-beats as Davido’s “Blow My Mind” has been sent over to Grammy organizers so they could find it worthy of a Grammy nomination.
Though “Blow My Mind” has been sent it over, but there are reports that is not the only Davido’s song that has been sent to them for consideration as his 2017 hit single; “Fall” tagged along as well. If at the end of the day either or both songs are squeezed in a category of nominations for the Grammy 2020 awards, it then means the statement “Afrobeats to the world” has now reached a landing point.
"Davido's "Blow My Mind" Submitted For Grammy 2020 Nomination By RCA", 4 out of 5 based on 13 ratings.


Zeb Jatau, have you ever heard of the term Stockholm Syndrome? I strongly believe that is the fever affecting most rational people like you over El-Rufai's ruse about increment. Let me break it thus - people become grateful for little kindness shown to them by their captors. This gratitude is premised on this same philosophy that you are selling here - the captors could easily kill or mistreat them with no resultant consequences, but no, the captors chose to be kind, thus a thing worthy of gratitude. For me, I don't blame people suffering from Stockholm Syndrome because it's easy to catch that fever. But certainly, I blame the captors for taking the people hostage in the first light, thereby subjecting the people to such misplaced gratitude. If the people were not captured, they may have no need of such kindness, for they could cater for themselves.

El-Rufai was rejected by these people, but he criminally forced his way back down the throats of all using the powers the people gave him in 2015. He used the people's power against the people and strip the people of their power. Now, the people no longer determine their political leaders - El-Rufai does. And come 2023, politicians in Kaduna will have no use for the people. Once you are in El-Rufai's good books, your political future is guaranteed as El-Rufai will force you down the people's throats using state forces and resources just like he did with the senators and local government chairmen. Even Danjuma Laah of Southern Kaduna was only allowed to return by El-Rufai. Come 2023, if Danjuma Laah refuses to recognize the power of El-Rufai to make or mar him - it's his political harakiri. And to show you Danjuma Laah understands that perfectly, he dares not bless what El-Rufai has condemned like in the case of Steven Kefas. Danjuma Laah dares not identify with Steven Kefas. You see, El-Rufai is one very devastating force to democracy. APC did not mobilize their campaign machinery in 2019 like PDP, because they had no need of them anymore. By 2023, even PDP may have no need of the people because power no longer rest with the people as power has been forcefully confiscated from the people using state tools. Those claiming they have roots and bragging that George Makeri have no roots, have been uprooted by the same El-Rufai they so love and so praise.

PDP may have to plead with APC for a bite in 2023. And if things continue this way, we may end up with a one party state where no matter how terrible APC becomes, we must learn to live with them like that. These APC guys are the most unscrupulous criminals in our history. They will tell you that the PDP rig elections too. Yes, the PDP rig elections, but power was still in the hands of the people and politicians fear the people back then during PDP, but not anymore with APC. I recall how Nenadi Usman was shown the way out by the people. John Danfulani was firing at different PDP governments from all cylinders and getting away with it, because PDP fear the people and the backlash should they take on John. But the moment El-Rufai steps in, he didn't hesitate to lock John up, because power no longer rest with the people and he had no fear of people's disapproval. The late senator Isaiah Balat was so conscious of what the people think of him because power was with the people that he had to call Chancellor Vincent Bodam and others to a parley to understand grievances. APC, and of course El-Rufai don't give a fuck about the people, because they have confiscated the power from the people. And any critic who dares question their impunity, is locked indefinitely. I nearly got killed in October last year. Steven Kefas has been detained since May 8 this year by the same El-Rufai. Sowore, even with a court granting him bail, is still in DSS detention. Do you now see what I mean? The whole country is held hostage by these criminals in power. And I tell you my dear brother Zeb - these criminals in power are zombifying us all. They want us all to become their alleluia boys like aladura. Well, as for me and my sweetheart Keturah Abba Kassai, we won't worship duplicity in the guise of gratitude.




SNAZZY as he goes by the stage name is a five star rapper which after listening to his song you would be convinced that the younger talents are still holding up to Hip Hop and he's no doubt one of a kind. On this mind blowing rap song he featured a super cool rap head by the name LOVA BWOI. 
Download "ANA HAKKA" below 


Parents of tortured kids in Kaduna Islamic school criticise police for freeing their children

The parents said they wonder why the police raided the Islamic centre because there is nothing wrong with the school.
Some parents of over 300 boys and men rescued from an Islamic School, where they were allegedly tortured and sexually harassed have protested against the raid of the school by the police.
On Thursday, September 26, 2019, police operatives in Kaduna raided an Islamic school known as “Imam Ahmad Bun Hambal Centre for Islamic studies” in the Rigasa area of the state.
Police recently freed 300 boys and men from an Islamic School, where they were allegedly tortured and sexually harassed. (Punch)
Police recently freed 300 boys and men from an Islamic School, where they were allegedly tortured and sexually harassed. (Punch)
In the school, police found over 300 children and men, some of whom were in chains, while others were reportedly hung upside down from the ceiling. 
According to the police, some of the children rescued from the centre said the authorities of the school starved and sexually abused them.
Police also alleged that the children were forced to recite the Qur’an everyday with torture.
However, some parents of the boys have protested against the raid of the Islamic school, saying the allegation by the police that the school management sexually abused the boys was not true.
The parents, mostly mothers declared their support for the school and its alleged harsh treatment of their children. They wonder why the police raided the school, arguing that nothing was wrong with it. 
One of the mothers, Maryam Fatika, whose four children attend the school said there was nothing wrong with the Islamic centre. She added that none of her children had ever complained of any form of maltreatment.
The hostages were chained and prevented from leaving the centre in Kaduna [TVC]
The hostages were chained and prevented from leaving the centre in Kaduna [TVC]
She said, “We are aware that they (children) are being punished whenever they do wrong because they are dangerous and stubborn children.
“There is nothing wrong with the school because we took our children there by ourselves. So, we don’t know why the police raided the place.”
Another mother, Mama Jibril, who spoke to Punch said they don’t know why the police raided the Islamic school because they didn’t see anything wrong with the school. 
Jibril added that she enrolled her son in the school because he was becoming a threat to the family. 
She said, “We took him to the Islamiyya school for rehabilitation and to God be the glory, he has changed.
“I visited him and I have never seen anything wrong going on in the school.
“We don’t even know where they (police) took our children. We are appealing to the government and police to return our children to us and we are also okay with the way the children are being handled by the Islamiyya authorities.”
Shafa’atu Zakari, another mother, who has six children in the school also supported the claim that nothing is wrong with the Quranic centre, saying she took her children to the school for rehabilitation because they were drug addicts.
She said, “We took the children to the school because we didn’t know what to do with them. Presently, four of my children are among the students taken away by the police.
“We demand their release because the founder of the school, Mallam Ismail, is doing everything possible within Islamic teachings to rehabilitate them for us.”
Ahmed Balarabe, a man, who has a son in the centre and also lives around the school denied the claim that the children were being sexually abused.

“I share a fence with the school and my two sons attended the school and they never told me anything about being sexually abused.
“Being a neighbour that always enters the school, if such thing was happening, I should have known,” he said.
However, while raiding the school on Thursday, police arrested seven teachers of the Islamic centre, including its proprietor, Mallam Ismaila Abubakar.
Abubakar said all the allegations of torture, dehumanisation and homosexuality against the authorities of the school are false, saying “We do nothing here other than teaching people Islam.”


BREAKING: Police Rescue over 300 People chained in A House In Kaduna.

They teach us Koran and abuse us homosexually.

A house containing over three hundred people chained in their arms and legs has been discovered by police in Kaduna State.

The police has unbundled the house, that is located in Rigasa community, Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State.
A house with over three hundred people in Rigasa community, Igabi local Government Area of Kaduna State has been unbundled by personnel of the Nigeria Police.

Some of them according to the force are said to be from Burkina Faso, Mali and other African countries.

Among the inhabitants were children who confess to be abused homosexually, while elderly say they subjected to daily recitation of the Holy Quran and prayers with torture.

With chains on their legs and scars of injuries from torture, they disclose that Thursday evening’s unbundling of the place is liberation from slavery.

Bello Hamza 42 years old another inmate said, he was tricked to the centre by his family who are interested in taking over my shared of our inheritance.

In his words: “I have spent three months here with chains on my legs. Am supposed to be pursuing my Masters in University Pretoria South Africa. I got admission to study Applied Mathematics, but here I am chained.

“They claim to be teaching us Quran and Islam, but they do a lot of things here. They subject the younger ones to homosexuality.

“This is supposed to be an Islamic centre, but trying to run away from here attracts severe punishment; they tie people and hang them to the ceiling for that, but engaging in homosexuality attracts no punishment.

“Within my short stay here, somebody had died as a result of torture. Others have died before my coming due to poor health and torture. They give us very poor food and we only eat twice a day; 11:00am and 10:00pm.

“They have denied me alot of things here. I am a family man, I have responsibilities, but I am chained here not knowing what is happening to my family members.

CP Ali Aji Janga while briefing newsmen at the site said, “we received an information that something is going on in this rehabilitation centre or Islamic center. So, I sent my DPO here to check what was going on. On getting here, we discovered that, this is neither a rehabilitation centre or Islamic school.

“You can see it yourself that, small children, some of whom are brought from neighbouring African countrieslike Burkina Faso, Mali and others and from across Nigeria. Most of them are even chained.

“These people are being used, dehumanized. You can see it yourself.

“The man who is operating this home claimed that, parents brought their children here for rehabilitation. But, from the look on things this is not a rehabilitation centre. No reasonable parent will bring his children to this place.

“So, we are going to investigate them and get to the root of the matter. We will find out the real motive behind this centre, and if they are found wanting they will be charged to court.

“But first, we are evacuating all the people from this place to our station and we will make announcement for parents to come and recover their children.” He said.

Meanwhile, the Proprietor of the centre simply identified as Malam said, all they do in the centre is teach people Islam.

According to him, “All those allegations of torture, degumanization and homosexuality are false and mere allegations. We do nothing here other than teaching people Islam.

“They don’t do anything other than, recitation of Qur’an, pray and worship God. Those chained are the stubborn ones who attempt running away. Those who don’t attempt running away are not chained. Some were chained before and after settling down, they were freed.

“Most of them were brought by their parents from across the country and others from outside the country.” He said.

Meanwhile, at the end of the raid, the inmates were evacuated from the premises in about 15 Danfo buses to the Police headquarters. (Tribune)



BREAKING: Tacha Disqualified From BBNaija Reality Show

Big Brother Naija Housemate, Tacha has been disqualified from the reality show.

The 23-year-old who has been one of the most controversial housemates in this year’s season of the show was disqualified on Friday evening after she and fellow housemate, Mercy got involved in a fight earlier in the day.

South African Rapper AKA Reveals The Amount He Will Be Charging Nigerians For Bookings From Now On

AKA is one of the biggest artists on the continent and according to the star, booking him will cost you a pretty penny.
The rapper, who earlier this month was involved in a spicy Twitter exchange with Nigerian artists over alleged xenophobic attacks, was in the spotlight again on Wednesday night when a Nigerian fan said he wanted to book him.
The fan claimed that he wanted AKA to perform at his little brother’s birthday party but was worried about backlash.

AKA responded by claiming it would take 6,018,250 Nairas to make it happen.
The artist revealed around three years ago that he charges between R90k and R130k a show and in the song Me and You last year hinted at charging R200k.

In short, if you want the Mega, you gonna have to roll with deep pocket or save your life away.


Golden Records presents a new single title “Young Love” by the Golden star, Adekunle.
After his previous release “Kelegbe Megbe“, Adekunle Gold returns with a new Afro-pop tune tagged “Young Love”. This record is a perfect blend of Afrobeat and the international pop sound, a must Listen!

AG Baby smells Love in the Air after coming across a special girl that got his attention. He pours out his feelings straight from within, even said if he passes out will the lady wake him up with more Love. Young Love is a tender and special love you feel at an early age or during teenage years.

Listen and Feel the love!



Rema continues to Wow! us with his Trap side ad he dishes out another smashing freestyle, “This Fame”
Mavin and Jonzing’s Bad Commando – Rema due to popular demand comes through with the full track of his last freestyle that went viral on social media ‘This Fame‘. The multi talented artiste continues to prove haters wrong about their assumption.

The new freestyle is a follow up to ‘Call Me Rema‘, on this Remmy boy says since the Fame has come to him things doesn’t feel the same any longer. Fake loves are coming around, in his words; ‘Since I got this fame, it’s been so hard to love again ?’

Listen and Enjoy below

I Wasn’t Given Any Money To Make Song For Sanwo-Olu – Tony Tetuila

Veteran singer Tony Tetuila has revealed that he didn’t collect any payment for making a song for Sanwo-Olu Babajide, the governor-elect of Lagos State.
While it is not new for musicians to compose songs for politicians, certain people felt Tetuila had collected a huge amount of money from Sanwo-Olu for the initiative.
However, in a chat with The Punch, Tetuila explained that he didn’t receive any payment and that he did it because he is a politician.
He said,
“I am a member of the APC; so, I did the song as my contribution to the campaign of the incoming governor of Lagos State, Sanwo-Olu. People shouldn’t forget that I am a politician too; I contested the state House of Assembly election in Kwara State in 2015.”




Yung6ix releases a new single title “Jelo” (Jealous), a banging record for the street.

Self acclaimed King of the South – Yung6ix comes through with another banger as he teams up with street certified hit maker Rexxie for this record tagged ‘Jelo‘. The song talks about Jealous; (feeling or showing an envious resentment of someone or their achievements, possessions, or perceived advantages).
The rapper sings for those that are envying his lifestyle, he shares that will continue to pepper dem and Demo. This a dance track put out by Yung6ix to tap into the Zanku sound and Challenge Poco Lee and Zlatan.


Phyno premieres the official music video for his love song “Ride For You” featuring Davido.
Phyno and Davido‘s new song “Ride For You” is a mid tempo love song with quality production from SourLarge. The song is a track off Phyno’s 3rd studio album ‘Deal With It‘, Fino links up with his new In-Law, Davido who showed his Eastern accent and why he fell in love with Chioma.

This record appreciates the caring ladies that stays firm with their man through thick and thin. Phyno says now that he has made it he is ready to pay anything for his lover’s bride price and spoil her with all he got because she was the only one that held me down and supported when there was nothing (No Raba).

The video was shot in the State (US) by two great music video directors Clarence Peters and Patrick Elis.

The video was shot in the State (US) by two great music video directors Clarence Peters and Patrick Elis.
Watch and Enjoy the visuals below



De-light Media one minute music contest.
Open to all artistes
Vibe on the beat and send a video of you to 09023010029 and post and tag DE-Light Media Entertainment on IG.
Criteria to win
1. Lyrics
2. Originality
3. Content

Prize For The Winner
Recording a complete track (beat plus voice recording) FULLY PAID BY DE-LIGHT MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT


DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Morell – "Arewa"

The Nordan Otty lead act Morell comes through with a brand new wave off Enghausa tagged Arewa.

This song defines true love and the Ganga Da Garaya crooner is of no doubt ready to high-rank Northern sector onto the top ranking mood in the industry game.

Morell however gave out heart call, its up too us to change the wrong idea's people have about the North, we are bigger, greater, stronger, talented etc. than they think.